For the Birds

by Bartley Knives

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Five demos for now, more to follow. These were done on my phone or on a terrible computer microphone. I'm still learning how to sing, but I do everything by myself on these songs.

That being said, you don't have to pay to enjoy these! Just put zero in the price spot for a free download.

But you can pay if you want, especially if you want to throw a nickel in my lap so I can afford to pay someone to record better versions of these songs.


released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Bartley Knives Winnipeg, Manitoba

stupid git with a guitar from Winnipeg

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Track Name: Rainbow Trout
The intensity in tent cities where we learn to live a little on the weekend states that we appropriate. So inebriated, I don't know what time that band is going on. I have to stop and ask you what's going on and maybe lie to you about my religion. Well just a smidgeon.

I know that lying is a sin and it's not right; where do I begin? But it's true that I play in a band with some Mennonites and they dance too, I've seen them do it. Those Menno siblings don't give a shit, and they don't care if it's sinning 'cause it's winning to them. And I wish I we could dance for hours to this electro, but the band had to go.

In the morning, wake, try not to bake in the searing sun, so you take a dip in the river's run. And I saw you standing by the shore, with my sister's name and the pink hat that you wore. We said hello and laughed about last night. I hope you think I'm all right. But I have to go, the current's pulled me around the bend. And I hope I see you again, my beautiful, new friend.
Track Name: Protector
Protector, where are you? It's been a long, long, long time since I've seen you come round here.

Confessor, listen close: I've done so many, many things to impress you, to defend you when you were gone.

Oh lover, come to me. Come to the deep, deep forest where we can live alone. Oh lover, come to me. Back to the wide open prairies. We can live alone all of our lives.

Oh writer, tell it true. Send me a letter in the mail: I want to know you. Oh writer, tell it true. I'll send a letter into your heart, to take you back to the start.
Track Name: Mocking Birds
All of my songs are stolen. All of my poems are broken. All of my lines were borrowed, but never returned, though I always burned to sing you back your sorrow.

Take some time to forgive me. I'm sorry if you didn't love me. Oh the one thing I regret is that it didn't go my way, but I must admit that I'd like to sit and talk about this someday.

I'll sing to you out in the snow, sitting on a branch by your window. But you will not come outside cos it's warm in your home - no, I can't deny life's good inside, but in there you're still alone.
Track Name: Robin
I thought I heard you sobbing in the hall. Turns out it was just a robin making its call, calling me.

I thought I heard you sobbing in the hall. Turns out it was just a robber making his call, stealing my shit. Yeah, taking all of my shit. Well he just won't go away, I've been hiding in my room all day. I can hear him tripping down the stairs, taking my TV away, but who cares. At least I'm here and at least I'm still alive.
Track Name: Two Ships
Two girls running down the block, one of them falls behind. It feels like oppression, she feels out of her mind. Act with aggression, full of your passion. Fall to your reaction. It feels like oppression, oh I think you better fight.

Two ships passing in the night: one turns left, one right. It feels like aggression, it feels like war at night. Act with aggression, full of your passion. Fall to your reaction. It feels like oppression, oh I think you better fight.